Evaluation of Aquifer Porosity And Hydraulic Conductivity From Empirical Equations Using Geoelectrical Sounding Measurements In Piramagroon Area NE-Iraq

  • Abdulla Karim Amin Department of Social Sciences, College of Basic Education, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
Keywords: Aquifer Porosity (ϕ), Hydraulic Conductivity (K), (ɸ) & (K) Equations, Vertical Electrical Sounding.


Application of Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) with Schlumberger array as a low-cost technique and veritable method in groundwater exploration is more suitable for hydrogeological survey of sedimentary basins. This method is regularly used to solve a wide variety of ground water problems and hydraulic parameters. The main objective of this research therefore, is to evaluate aquifer porosity and hydraulic conductivity using the empirical equations of porosity and hydraulic conductivity with resistivity conducted in the continuation of the adjacent Sharazoor basin. For this purpose, four profiles were taken in studied area (Piramagroon district), and each profile includes five VES points of measurements. Then each VES was interpreted manually as well as by IPI2 win program for determining aquifer depth ranging from (40 m.) to (80 m.) in piramagroon district) and resistivity values range between (37.0 Ω.m) to (102 Ω.m), which are substituted in the empirical porosity-resistivity and hydraulic conductivity-resistivity equations for evaluating aquifer porosity and hydraulic conductivity of the studied area. The estimated aquifer porosity values range along the studied area  range between (21%) to (39 %), and for hydraulic conductivity values range from (1 m/day) to (4 m/day), which shows the increasing of the both aquifer porosity from the top of uplifted subsurface layers underlying the piramagroon district toward both limbs according to increasing of rock fragments (gravel, pebble) and (sand sediments) and decreasing of clay content overlying upper part of Middle Tanjero Formation.


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