The Level of Kurdistan Region MPs’ Dependency on New Media

  • Barham Khalid Ahmed Media Department, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Fuad Ali Ahmed Media Department, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
Keywords: Dependence, Kurdistan MPs, New Media, Social Media.


In the past decade media industry particularly traditional media has seen a significant decline as new media growth and become an important source for the whole society in developed countries. Albeit politicians have affected by new media impacts as replaced traditional media in many aspects. The new media has a great role for politicians to use it to get information, their publicity, and publishing their activities. This research paper explores the role of new media on Kurdistan region member of parliaments seeking how they rely on new media platforms to find out the MPs dependency on New Media in their works as a public figure.


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